We stock a range of different papers for your printing needs. Can't decide which paper to use? We are happy to suggest options based on your specific images.

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Ilford Galerie Gold Fibre Silk

This 310gsm fine art glossy paper has a smooth texture, is acid free, and contains no optical brightening agents. It has a cream coloured base that isn't noticeable in colour prints but does add a nice warm tone to black and white images. This is our favourite paper for most fine art images.

Hahnemuhle FineArt Baryta

This 325gsm fine art glossy paper has a slightly rougher feel than the Ilford paper and a subtle texture. It has an exceptionally white base (due to included optical brightening agents) that makes it a solid choice for cool tone black and white images.

Moab Somerset Museum Rag

This 300gsm fine art matte paper is 100% cotton and mouldmade. It has a lovely warm tone and amazing feel in the hand, which makes it our preferred choice for black and white images that will be included in folio covers.

Moab Entrada Rag Bright

This 300gsm double-sided matte paper is 100% cotton. It is brilliantly bright with a cool tone, but does contain optical brightening agents. It is a good choice for images where a bright, matte, paper is required.

Canon Satin Photographic

This semi-glossy paper is perfect for low-cost posters. It has a relatively neutral base and light gloss that works very well for posters that do not have the same archival demands as fine art prints. Available in two weights depending on the application: 190 and 240gsm.

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